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An opinionated take-away from JSConf 2017, Veronaedit

This is my opinionated take-away from JSConf 2017, Verona. Here bellow I’ll collect some of the most interesting slides, videos and tweets from JSDay. But at first please meet the awesome speakers

Uber with Dustin Whittle

Dustin Whittle had shown us the whole story behind the Uber platform

Lessons learned building at scale with JS at UberEng. “Enables you to move fast, but allows for sloppy code.”

  • Latency is too high for ulta performant backed systems (99th percentile for max latency)
  • Early on it made it quick to iterate, but as the size of the team scaled the developer velocity started to slow down
    • Microservices enforce a tight interface so having static typing enables large teams to catches issues earlier. It really has an impact with 100+ devs.
  • Quick to learn, but easy to write poor quality code
    • Enables you to move fast, but allows for sloopy code

Uber uses universal javascript with React and Express.

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