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Igor Moiseev Applied mathematician, Web Developer

My current projectsedit

Elliptic functions for Matlab and Octave

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The Matlab script implementations of Elliptic integrals of three types, Jacobi’s elliptic functions and Jacobi theta functions of four types.

The main GOAL of the project is to provide the natural Matlab scripts WITHOUT external library calls like Maple and others. All scripts are developed to accept tensors as arguments and almost all of them have their complex versions. Performance and complete control on the execution are the main features.


Email2DB for PHP

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Email2DB parses the email schema into the relational schema. It supports major SQL engines: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL server and MongoDB support will be rolled down latter.

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Tech Blog

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This is a public space for thoughts on MySQL and PostgreSQL. Ceph’s Storage clustering and KVM virtualization. Programming with NodeJS and PHP. Hacking with RaspberryPI and Arduino. Please feel free to modify any text in it.

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